HuSTLe Series

Format: 5-Man D4 RaceTo-4 

Entry: $350

Event Winner: Free entry to next event,
Team Tophy & individual medals for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place.

Series Winner: Free entry to World Cup 2014

What you need to know:

All players must be registered with the APPA.

Team Rosters are capped at 17 people, with no more than 12 players or 12 coaches, (i.e. 12 players and 5 coaches.)

All teams must register and pay on the APPA website by 11:59 PM the night before the event.

Gameplay and rules will be in accordance with PSP rules and guidelines. Some of these rules include: guns are capped at 12.5 BPS/300 FPS, yellow guns/jerseys/pants/shoes etc. are prohibited, as are baseball cleats. Read the complete rule book.

A 3-Man Beginner's Tournament will also be held as part of this series.

Format: 3-Man Round Robin

Entry: $75

Winner: 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place Trophies

What you need to know:

These are no different than our other Beginner's Tournaments!

Each player is limited to 2 years or 2 tournaments maximum experience.

All registration will be at Xtreme Paintball Park the day of the event only. No APPA registration required.

Teams are capped at 4 members. Don't have a team? That's ok, just come out and form a team when you get here!

Guns are capped at 10 BPS/280 FPS. Rental guns work great for these tournaments!